To help keep BGO stay as close to 1$ as possible, there are several mechanism employed to facilitate it.
    (Boardroom) Epoch duration: 8 hours – the protocol reacts faster to stabilise BGO price to peg as compared to other protocols with longer epoch durations.
    Expansion will start if the TWAP price is above 1,01$. Contraction start if the TWAP price is below 0,99$
    bBGO tokens do not expire and this greatly reduces the risk for bond buyers.
    The protocol keeps a minimum of 50% of the expanded BGO supply for sBGO boardroom stakers for each epoch expansion, 30% for the Equilibration Reserve and the Treasury receive the remaining 20% for bBGO holders to participate in bond redemption.
    No discount for bond purchase, but premium bonus for bond redemptions if users were to wait for BGO to increase even more than the 1 $BUSD peg.
To help keep and increase sBGO value, the burning system will be activated once every 3 months to extract 25% from gaming profits to buy back sBGO and burn them.
This will come into effect 3 months after the gaming system is finished and operating.
Last modified 6mo ago
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