To start farming in the boardroom, you must have the sBGO tokens. There are 2 ways to earn sBGO tokens:
    Buy on pancake.
    Farming from the LP pools.
Access the boardroom from the following link:
Click on "Approve Bingo Share" button, a popup will appear in the Metamask interface, click on "confirm" button.
Click on the "plus" button to add sBGO to the boardroom.
A popup will appear, enter the amount of sBGOs you want to stake or press on the "Max" button to stake all your sBGOs. Press on "Confirm" button to stake your selected sBGO.
Depositing into the boardroom will start the lock timer on your investment.
    sBGO will be locked for 6 epochs.
    Reward BGO will be locked for 3 epochs.
If you were to claim your BGO reward, deposit more or withdraw partial/entire sBGO, the timer will reset back and sBGO will be again locked for the next 6 epochs, BGO for 3 epochs.
BGO will be paid to staker at the beginning of each epoch, you can press the "minus" button to withdraw part or all of the sBGO being stacked.
When withdrawing any sBGO token, all BGOs will automatically be withdrawn to your wallet.
Or you can click the "Settle & Withdraw" button to withdraw all BGO and sBGO in the boardroom.
Last modified 6mo ago
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