Add Custom tokens in your MetaMask
First thing first, remember to setup your MetaMask wallet. Maybe you don't know how to use MetaMask, or haven't connect MetaMask wallet to Binance Smart Chain.
If you can't see the BGO, sBGO, bBGO, Pancakeswap LP tokens, follow the steps below to add tokens to your MetaMask
    Open Metamask
    Click on "Add Token" under the Assets tab
    Select "Custom Token"
    Input desired token address in the address field
      Bingo Cash token: 0x579A6277a6c2c63a5b25006F63Bce5DC8D9c25e7
      Bingo Share token: 0x53F39324Fbb209693332B87aA94D5519A1a49aB0
      Bingo Bond token: 0x70D273F0b5696Eb776Eb409469c9724B24f749bF
      Pancake BGO-BNB LP token: 0xc3b5Ba306726D53c01EE74734ec042206016A704
      Pancake sBGO-BUSD LP token: 0x97bdB4071396B7f60b65E0EB62CE212a699F4B08
    Click "Next"
    Click "Add tokens"
    You should now see the token balance in your MetaMask
Last modified 7mo ago
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